A team of artisans and hemp farmers found at 4,600ft in the valley of Kathmandu, Nepal. Our journey began when a 16-year-old boy was trekking in the Himalayas. During his expedition, the boy was inspired by the dramatic beauty of Nepal, the devastation of its poverty and the passion of its artists. 

After his trip, the boy resolved to help the artists spread their hemp masterpieces around the globe and in turn fight the terrible poverty he had witnessed throughout the country. The boy committed to make art & fight poverty in Nepal. 

From the very start, we committed to producing the highest quality hemp products whilst ensuring the artists making them get a fair wage. Indohemp became devoted to fighting the devastating poverty in Nepal by giving 10% of all profits to the most impoverished in the country, the Happy Kids Center.

At our core we believe hemp is a solution to many of the world’s current issues and we want to use this amazing plant to create the most sustainable products possible. We want to inspire and educate others about the benefits of this amazing plant. 

We want our iconic products to ignite discussions and spread awareness about how hemp can make a positive & lasting impact on the Earth. We want to fight the unfair stigma associated with this amazing plant and help it to become household material once again.

In 2016 we opened a shop in Kathmandu and the brand Indohemp was born, a retailer of high quality hemp products where our artists are taken from extreme poverty and given a career they love, creating our amazing products and becoming a happy and secure member of the Indohemp family.

We work closely with the local Nepalese charity Happy Kids Center to ensure that the poorest children in the area get a quality education so we can break the cycle of poverty. 

We are a constantly growing business with offices in Nepal, the USA and the UK. This year we have partnered with Copper Mountain Hemp Traders in the USA, giving us a more efficient and eco-friendly way to spread our beautiful hemp products, having them as our new US distributor.

It is difficult to say where we will years from now. This year has been full of explosive growth for Indohemp

We are in communications with large international retailers and are making plans for the future. We are committed to making more art and fighting more poverty than ever. 

We are constantly looking around the globe for new partners to help spread our amazing hemp products in order to help our planet and help fight the devastating poverty in Nepal.  We just want to Make More Art & Fight More Poverty.

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